Wood Facades - All You Need To Know In 2022 | Frontek

There are multiple advantages of using wood-like facades compared to those made of actual wood. Porcelain facade systems can be extremely advanced, thanks to modern technology. Facade systems comprise the structural elements that provide lateral and vertical resistance to wind and other actions and the building envelope elements that provide the weather resistance and thermal, acoustic, and fire-resisting properties. They can be ventilated, or double-skinned.

Why use Wood-like Porcelain facades?

Porcelain facade systems can be unbelievably attractive, elegant, and visually more pleasing than normal wood. A facade system is a cladding system that leaves a ventilated chamber between the cladding and the insulation, thus eliminating thermal bridging and condensation problems. This achieves outstanding thermal behavior and reduces humidity. 

It is therefore considered the most effective system in terms of solving the building’s insulation and enjoys widespread acceptance among architects, developers, and builders. 

By smartly linking the exterior to the interiors of the building, a facade controls light penetration or filtration, regulates heat, and minimizes solar gain; all this, in turn, leads to more energy-efficient buildings which achieve solar shading and passive cooling automatically. A building facade also offers an opportunity to emphasize design.

Upgrade your building design with wood facades

Many buildings meet the structural regulations but in return settle for standard designs and lack identity, character, and personality. A facade can play a huge role in this as it imparts uniqueness to the structure which lacks that something special. A Facade is used when an easier or simpler interface to an underlying object is desired. Alternatively, an adapter can be used when the wrapper must respect a particular interface and must support polymorphic behavior. A decorator makes it possible to add or alter the behavior of an interface at run-time.

What can happen if you don’t use wood facades?

Not using facades will lead to many problems, especially when using natural wood. It can become extremely worrisome because many problems can arise using natural wood. Wood looks beautiful but will begin to crack and split in the heat and rain. More importantly, however, is that wood is porous, and can and will cause your house to grow mildew and mold over time. You can clean wood yourself, but you’d probably be better off hiring professionals to seal your wood on a regular schedule (which could cost upwards of $1,000-$2,000 or more, depending on the size of your house).


How to properly maintain wood facades?

Wood paneling, properly treated, can also last for decades, especially if you treat it properly. However, you will need to inspect wood paneling for rot or mildew regularly and take the time to treat it, clean it, and ensure its health. Wood is incredibly flexible. Not only does it come in a variety of colors and types, but you can get it in a few attractive styles. However, this is also true with facades which come with little to no risk or upkeep. 

The choice for the absolute best wood facade panels is Front-tek. Our facades made from porcelain are by far the best on the market. The best thing about Frontek’s ability is that they work around your project, perfecting everything for what you already have, instead of the other way around.

Frontek’s double-ventilated porcelain facades are incredibly unique and continuously replacing their wood counterparts. They were designed to withstand some of the most extreme weather conditions and any other challenges caused by environmental factors that could be harmful or damaging. Front-tek is not only ICC certified and compliant with international building codes. It is resistant to fire, corrosion, and impact with outstanding wind-load performance. 

The right choice for your wood exterior facades

Front-tek provides your home with facades that can be installed for every supporting structure. Not only are all of our systems easy to install, but they have also revolutionized the placement of ceramic facades to support the ceramic coating. Front-tek allows panels to be easily cut on-site by a diamond blade. The precision is incredible, keeping durability and strength intact. Frontek’s porcelain is unbelievably strong, not to mention lightweight. They come in a variety of designs, each one more stunning than the last. 

Updating your exterior to use exterior facades made of wood-like porcelain is not only an incredible idea but a perfect investment. The comparison of using wood to using porcelain facades is distinguished. Overall, using wood can be full of hassle, require too much anxiety and upkeep, and mainly over time it can be ruined by wear and tear.