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Extruded Porcelain Vs Traditional Materials

Extruded porcelain is more cost effective, impervious to water, maintenance-free, and customizable than any other panel.

Feature Frontek Extruded Porcelain Fibercement product type 1 Terracotta ACM Natural Stone Fibercement Product Type 2 GRC
AESTHETIC VERSATILITY Any design/texture is possible Glazed Traditional glazing Laminated paint Only one nature Limited designs Limited designs
BREAKING LOAD 1349 lbf (6000N) 779 lbf (3466N) 944lbf (4200N) Elasticity Depends on the type (igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic) and thickness Unknown
WEIGHT 6.75 Lb/sqft 33 Kg/m2 3.1 lb/sqft 15 Kg/m2 8.6 lb/sqft 42 Kg/m2 1.65 lb/sqft 8 kg/m2 9.22-16.4 lb/sqft 45 to 80 Kg/m2 5.5 lb/sqft Up to 16.4 lb/sqft
WATER ABSORPTION 0.5% > 6% > 6% 0%
2-10% 32% < 10.62%
EASE OF INSTALLATION * All four sides of the panels are factory rectified * Connect with the Grooves, at the bottom and at the top. * Easy to cut on site. It's produced molded Caliber is required, cut not rectified Differences in reflection Requires perforations and very heavy Requires additional perforations Heavy equipment required
MAINTENANCE Very Low, almost none High High affected by uva and uvb rays High High High
FIRE RESISTANCE NFPA285, A1 A2s1, d0 Bs1,d0 Bs1,d0 A1 Depends on the type of panels Depends on the type of panels
AVAILABILITY Five basic color in stock at all time in any size Limited Limited Limited Limited Limited Limited

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