Enhance your Building Design with Exterior Facades

In this blog post, you will learn about exterior facades and the benefits of utilizing them for your building to give it a more modern and sleek look.  First, we will run you through the different ways you can utilize facades on the design side and the numerous options of facades you can choose from. Then we will walk you through the installation process and talk about the simplicity of adding exterior facades to the design of your building. 

What is the exterior facade?

Exterior facades are the outside walls of a building that are typically made out of wood, metal, glass, concrete, and many more materials. Facades are used for many reasons, but one of the main reasons they are chosen is how they give your building an elegant look.

Below’s graphic explains how exterior facades are utilized to insulate thermal changes as facades are made to withstand even the most extreme weather. 

The facades have features such as decreasing the level of outside noise by almost four decibels to insulate the acoustics of a building and give you the privacy you need, along with absorbing less than one percent of water or liquid, making the facades practically weather-resistant in most weather conditions. 

When it comes to the look of a building, first impressions are important. The design and architectural techniques are what make something stand out. 

Looking forward to asking yourself, “What can I do to improve the design of my building?” We can guide you through the process and look of installing exterior facades in your building. By the end of this post, you will understand why it is so worth it to class up the exterior of your building. 

Exterior building facade design

Focusing more on the exterior look and design of the facades, the options to customize the look of your building are endless, as there are many different types, colors, and cuts of Fronteks’ facades. 

Every option that Frontek can provide for you gives your building a more modern and creative look.

You could utilize Fronteks’ wood facade panels options and its marble-looking nature facade for a more modern mix of nature and a classy look. 

For a more sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing look, go with a mixture of metallic facade options along with volume facades. 

For a more bland but still modern or colorful look, you can utilize the soft facades and their textured facades. This will give a unique look that will stand out from all other buildings. 

No matter which combination of facades you choose, Frontek has options to make the exterior of your building look modern and unique while having the properties within the facades to withstand any weather conditions. Fronteks’ facades can be made and installed exactly to your liking and customized to your desire of cut and color from a pallet of over 80 colors.

Not only can you make your building more sophisticated by utilizing Frontek’s exterior facades, but you will also save yourself a lot of money on energy. By controlling thermal insulation from any weather conditions, energy savings go as high as 40 percent.

How to install the exterior facade

Modern systems have completely changed how facades are installed, making it easier and faster than ever. For Frontek, they install their facade systems and hold them in place in two main ways.

The Front-Tek Plus is held by clamps, while the Front-Tek Super Plus is installed and held together by horizontal guides. These two methods have decreased how long it takes to install and replace Frontek’s facade panels by approximately 35%. 

Modern exterior facade examples

Below are examples of modern ways architects designed their buildings using Frontek’s exterior facade system:


Overall, Frontek’s facades will not only improve the design and feel of your building but will save you money on energy costs by stopping the thermal changes that extreme weather causes. 

The systems are flexible to any architectural peculiarities and are customizable to fit your needs and desires for how you want your building to look. From commercial to residential use, Frontek’s products can be the difference maker in having your building stand out from all the rest.