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TECHNICAL information

The reliability of our Frontek system is backed up by the
Technical Approval Document (DIT) awarded by the “Eduardo
Torroja” Institute to certify the favorable results obtained in
its laboratories, and also by the good results presented by
the Frontek ventilated facade in the various projects in which
it has been installed.

highly efficient installation systems for all building environments.

For facades remodelling, Frontek ventilated facade system offers a wide range of possibilities due to our excellent technical features that provides significant energy savings in restored buildings.

Modern ventilated facade systems guarantee improved thermal insulation, as they allow the installation of a continuous coating between the outer support of the bearing wall and the facade cladding.

Ventilated facades differ from other constructive solutions in the physical separation that exists between the outside of the facade and the interior wall of the building. This separation improves the thermal and acoustic performance and presents important aesthetic, functional, and constructional advantages.

Thermal Insulation advantages

The insulating material applied on the exterior face of the wall and floors eliminates thermal bridges. This prevents heat loss to the outside of the building in the coldest months of the year and avoids heat transfer from outside in summer. The covering acts as a shield reflecting large amount of solar radiation therefore preventing the building from heating up.
Estimated energy saving is between 15% and 35% in both heating and cooling.

Acoustic advantages

The air chamber together with the extruded ceramic pieces that form the outer covering increases acoustic comfort by reducing the outside noise between 10% and 20%.

Aesthetic advantages

Frontek offers a variety of pieces in different sizes, textures and colours that can be combined in different ways to give each facade a unique and original design. All facade panels can be adapted to any building peculiarity and its surroundings which will result in great beauty that brings great poise to the structure and improves the aesthetics of the area.

Functional and Construction advantages

Fontek ventilated facade system stands out for its and quick installation, great strength and durability, low maintenance, lightness of the system on the wall and exceptional weather protection.


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Frontek Plus System
Frontek Super Plus system
Transventilated System


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