V1007 Facade Panel | Frontek
Available for: Volume

V1007 Facade Panel

Available upon request with the following sizes :

400mm X 600mm/800mm/1000mm/1200mm/1600mm

15.75″X15.75″/19.68″/23.62″ X 23.62″/31.50″/39.37″/47.24″/63″

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Panel Sizes

400 mm x 800 mm
15.75" X 31.5"
400 mm x 1000 mm
15.75" X 39.75"
*Please enquire about the availability of other measurements. Pieces available from 300mmX600mm / 11.80″X23.62″ up to 1000mmx3000mm / 39.37”X118.11” upon request.